RamRide is proud to be a part of Safe Ride Programs United (SRPU). SRPU is a national alliance of safe ride programs that connects current programs and is a beacon for people interested in starting their own program. RamRide is also a member of the National Association of Safe Ride Programs (NASRP). Click here to learn more about NASRP! 

2019: RamRide hosted SRPU here at Colorado State University!

2018: SRPU will be held at University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri.

2017: RamRide attended the SRPU conference at Oregon State University in beautiful Corvallis, Oregon. The staff presented on Data Collection and Risk Management. 

2016: RamRide attended the SRPU conference held in Tucson, Arizona at the University of Arizona. The staff presented on Risk Management, Personnel Management, and Data Collection.

2015: RamRide attended the SRPU conference in College Station, Texas at Texas A&M to represent Colorado State University. RamRide staff presented on Risk Management and served as a resource for schools hoping to develop safe ride programs of their own.